Tilt Plow

patent pending

Uses your existing FEL tilt to change the blade angle

No need to plumb hydraulics and add an extra valve.

No need to get off the tractor to pull the pin and manually reposition the blade.

How it works:
1)  Tilt the FEL forward to move the control arm to a different control point.
2)  Tilt the FEL backward to pull on the control point which rotates the plow accordingly.

Since the Tilt Plow is operated in float mode, a tail wheel supports the trailing end of the plow.

Use with a Quick Attach plate...

As shown, the Tilt Plow is configured to be used with a Quick Attach system.

Use with a bucket...

Bucket clamps, not shown, can also be used to connect to the Tilt Plow.